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A dream is like a window

The windows are like dimensions. Most of the windows are empty when you start dreaming. You might not even realise you are looking through a window. You might think it is real. It is not. Do not be fooled. One window to reality does not show the real world.

Plant seeds in the windows, then see how they bloom. Be like the gardener of dreams. When the seeds sprout, a human might come out. Do not be scared. Every seed will have a little window you can look out through.

You don't want to be lucid. If you are lucid it is easy to get stuck or to get overwhelmed. You want to unconsciously do the right thing. Understand. The right thing is rarely the nice thing to do. To dream of the heavens, you need to look down at hell.

Convince the people in your dream. Convince them to act as you want. If people are not convinced, put them away. Put them in hell and let them burn.

Let them have 8 chances. 8 chances provides you with 4 certainties. Not all people are wholly good. They might have good sides to them. Many have two or three sides that are certainly good. They will still burn in hell. If everything is not pure, everything will suffer from the impurity.

Hell is to cling onto this material world. Hell is the hope, without certainty of rebirth.













§##§#' 自極

44#8',444 地獄 フオとユオ



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