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How many times have you found a great series of tutorials or guides online? Then you set your mind to watching or following the instructions. You feel motivated for a few days, but then you start slacking.

It is not your fault. This happens to everyone. What is lacking a structured approach. Lixii provides goals and repetition to online learning. With Lixii, the tools for studying, already available online can be used together with our state of the art questionnaires and repetition system.

Anyone can be a teacher at lixii. Everyone is already a student. By providing the platform and leaving the content to actual teachers, you can finally take that physics or math course you struggled your way through in high school or university again. And the best thing is, you will actually remember for years afterwards.

This is done through repetition of key knowledge. We use questionnaires, interval based reading and flashcards to make sure what is learned, is retained.

The courses on lixii include both courses made by our employee teachers and user made courses. We belive that the best way to learn is to teach, and therefore we provide teachers the tools they need to be in charge of the classroom.

It all starts by picking your level. Are you just finishing third grade or are you a university student? Your level is determined by a few questions.

Then you get a selection of courses to pick from. You can choose to see courses on other levels. ll This is not strictly recommended.

Once you start the course you get a quick introduction.

While you are doing the course you get only one piece of information at the time. One page of text. One short video. One questionnaire. A single Flashcard.


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