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Life’s struggles

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Struggle is one of life’s many constants. Wherever you are in your life now, whether you are a college student trying to fit papers and an exam to study for in one night, a member of the working class earning only enough to pay for the bills, or a retiree looking for something to do after retirement, you struggle one way or another. No matter how bad it may seem, struggle makes us stronger.

An adage has been said a lot of times, that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This is not to romanticize the struggle of many but with every day that we struggle, we learn one new way to cope up, and one more reason to keep going, and take one more step closer to our present goals. Over time, these struggles build our character; we develop values, and fortify them. We also identify our attitudes that do not help us through our struggles. We have to remember though, that life is not all about struggles. Struggle is not a pit where we fall into. It is a ladder that we climb on to go somewhere higher.

All the difficulties that we have gone through, and the sacrifices that we have made will all seem trivial and will fade away into the background once we come face to face with the realization of our goals. Let us keep going, for our struggles are there not to keep us from our goals, but to make achieving our goals much sweeter.



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